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ABC Paramount

New York-based label; long defunct.


ABC 475                     Various – Songs from the Green Fields of Erin



Mick O’Brien’s own label.

ACM CD 101             Mick O’Brien – May Morning Dew (1990s)

ACM CD 102             Mick O’Brien and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh – Kitty Lie Over




Acoustic Radio

Ostensibly, Brian Finnegan’s own label (see elsewhere – especially The Mudcat Café – for the history of the Celtic Music label and CM Distribution).

ARAD CD 101           Brian Finnegan – When the Party’s Over (1993)


French label.


5050 392                     Various – Planète Celtique (1994)



USA label – no other details available.


ADVENT 3601           Various – Off to California (1977 LP)



Dublin-based label, mainly issuing MoR material – www.ainm-music.com. Non-traditional releases are in grey font.


ARMC = cassette


ARCD 001                  Paddy Cole – Celtic Rendezvous

ARCD 002                  The Wolfe Tones – Greatest Hits

ARCD 004                  Joe Dolan – The Collection

ARCD 005                  Celtic Twilight Orchestra – Celtic Visions

ARCD 006                  The Michael O’Brien Collection

ARCD 009                  Joe Dolan – Can’t Give Enough


ARMC 011–019         Matt Cunningham – Dance Music of Ireland, Volumes 1 to 9


ARCD 020                  Matt Cunningham – The Green Hills of Erin

ARCD 021                  Matt Cunningham – Memories of Ireland

ARCD 022                  Matt Cunningham – West of the Old River Shannon

ARCD 025                  Matt Cunningham – The Spirit of Ireland

ARCD 026                  Matt Cunningham – Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 10

ARCD 027                  Seán McGuire – The Master's Touch (1997; 1950s home


ARCD 028                  Sibín – The Best Irish Pub Songs in the World

ARCD 029                  Various – Musical Reflections from Mount Melleray


ARCD 030                  Jo Collins - Watercolours

ARCD 032                  Blackwater – The Best Irish Traditional Sessions in the World

ARCD 034                  Matt Cunningham – Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 11

ARCD 035                  Matt Cunningham – Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 12

ARCD 036                  Matt Cunningham – Every Story Told

ARCD 037                  Various – The Craic is Mighty: The Dicey Reilly’s CD

ARCD 038                  Matt Cunningham – Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 13


ARCD 040                  Calming the Storm: The Monks of Glenstal Audio Book of Prayer

ARCD 042                  Matt Cunningham – Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 14

ARCD 043                  Matt Cunningham – Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 15

ARCD 044                  Matt Cunningham – Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 16

ARCD 045                  Matt Cunningham – Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 17

ARCD 046                  Matt Cunningham – Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 18


ARCD 054                  Eimear Quinn – The Voice

ARCD 055                  Jo Collins – I Know You

ARCD 056                  Jo Collins – Overload


ARCD 100A               Various – 100% Pure Irish Dance

ARCD 100B               Various – 100% Pure Irish Dance: The Show

ARCD 100C               Various – 100% Pure CRN

ARCD 100D               Various – 100% Pure An Comhdail

ARCD 100E               Various – 100% The Second Step

ARCD 100x4              Various – Pure Irish Dance Box Set


ARCD X12                 Matt Cunningham – Dance Music of Ireland: The Complete Collection (boxed set)


AINM 2000                Ainm: The Collection

AINM 2001                Ainm: The Collection 2


OHCD 3                     Christopher McGrory – Complete Céilí Collection

Alias Recordings

Ron Kavana’s own label.

ARK002                     Alias Ron Kavana – From Galway to Graceland (1995)





UK budget label – long defunct.


ALL 859                     The Freedom Fighters – Irish Rebel Songs (1967)

ALL 869                     The Freedom Fighters – A Nation Once Again (1967)





US label – www.alula.com.


ALU 1008                   Susan McKeown – Bushes and Briars




An Rí


Since the label’s name means “the king” and Patsy Dan is the King of Tory Island, this may very well be his own label.


RI 002                         Patsaí Dan Mac Ruaidhrí agus Na Gaeil Mire/Patsy Dan Rogers and The Raging Gaels – Corraí Ceilteach: Ceol as Oileán Thoraigh/Celtic Distortions: The Sound of Tory Island (1998)



Anew Records


Part of the Dublin-based Crashed Music group – www.crashedmusic.com.


NEWD 401                 Charlie McGettigan

NEWD 402                 Eamon Mulhaill – The Joys of Christmas

NEWD 411                 Rig the Jig – One Night in Harlow’s (undated)

NEWD 420                 Rig the Jig – Finding the Gold (1999)


No information available.


AR 7029                     Gay and Terry Woods – The Time is Right (1976 LP)


Antrim Glens Traditional Group

Based in Cushendall, Co. Antrim; cassette releases only.

AGTG1                       Various – The Glens Sing: Traditional Singing from the 1991

Cushendall Festival (1992)

AGTG2                       Archie McKeegan – The Smith of Tiveragh (1993)


USA label  www.appleseedrec.com.


APRCD 1026             Tommy Sands, Vedran Smailovic – Sarajevo-Belfast (1999)

APRCD 1060             Providence – A Fig for a Kiss (reissue of Rolling River album)

Number unknown       Andy Irvine – Way Out Yonder (reissue of own label release)



Canadian label – no other information available.


AQA 16                       Joe Heaney and Treasa O’Driscoll – Bloomsday (LP)



Ar Linn


Canadian label – no other information available.


4052                            Wild Geese – Salute to Baltimore (1992 cassette)

Arc Music

UK-based World music specialistwww.arcmusic.co.uk. Some of the later compilations below appear to have been licensed from Cló Iar-Chonnachta.

EUCD 1061                The Dubliners – A Parcel of Rogues (1989)

EUCD 1069                Oisín – Winds of Change (1991)

EUCD 1093                The Dubliners – At Home with The Dubliners (1989)

EUCD 1215                Oisín – The Jeannie C. (1993 reissue of Tara LP)

EUCD 1252                Sean Talamh – Traditional Irish Music (1994)

EUCD 1264                Various – 20 Famous Irish Ballads

EUCD 1356                Various – The Very Best of Irish Music and Ballads

EUCD 1436                Various – Festival of Irish Music

EUCD 1447                Various – Famous Irish Ballads

EUCD 1451                Tara – Sammy’s Bar

EUCD 1458                Golden Bough – Celtic Music from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany

EUCD 1506                Jean-Yves le Pape – The Uilleann Pipes of Ireland

EUCD 1533                The Dubliners with Luke Kelly – Special Collection (double CD)

EUCD 1642                The Dubliners – Irish Pub Songs

EUCD 1710                Various – The Gathering: Great Celtic Pipers

EUCD 1766                Various – Songs from Ireland

EUCD 1821                Various – Gaelic Ireland (2003; songs in the Irish language)

EUCD 1859                Seán Tyrrell – The Best of Seán Tyrrell (2004)

EUCD 1888                Margie Butler – Celtic Harp

EUCD 1897                Kieran Fahy – Traditional Music from Ireland

EUCD 1900                Golden Bough – Songs of the Irish Immigrants (2005)

EUCD 1964                Florie Brown – Best of Irish Fiddle

EUCD 2008                Golden Bough – Live

EUCD 2012                Various – Best of Celtic Folk

EUCD 2041                Various – The Best of Irish Ballads

EUCD 2078                Golden Bough – Celtic Folk Songs

EUCD 2081                Kieran Fahy – The Man from the West (2007)

EUCD 2156                Various – Irish Folk at Its Best



ARC Records


Canadian company, based in Scarboro, Ontario, releasing albums between 1958–1961 (information courtesy of John Cummins).


A541                           Johnny Pickering, Éamonn Ceannt, Seán Donoghue Céilí

Bands – Céilí Time In Ireland

A548                           Tadhg O'Regan – Irish Memories (songs)
A559                           Inisfail Céilí Band – Come to the Céilí
A618                           Noel Tuohy Radio Céilí Band





Breton label – distributed by Coop Breizh.

SB 314                        Castle Céilí Band – Irish Pub Music (LP)


CD 307                       Ted Furey, Patsy Whelan and John Wright – A Way for


CD 314                       A Way for Ireland (consists of the eponymous album by 1691 and the Castle Céilí Band item above, although groups of tracks are alternated!)





USA label www.arhoolie.com.


ARHCD 7033             Frank Quinn – If You Are Irish (remastered 78s)





Originally a German label which was absorbed by BMG.


260.294                       The Fureys and Davey Arthur – The Scattering (1989)

295.943                       The Dubliners – The Wild Rover (1990)



Ark Albums


US label based in Fairhaven, MA. - www.arkalbums.com.


ARK 2022                  Bobby Clancy – Make Me a Cup (1999)

ARK 2096                  Bobby Clancy with Finbarr Clancy and Eddie Dillon –

                                    Clancy Sing Along Songs (1999)

ARK 2099                  Bobby Clancy – The Quiet Land (2000)



Armagh Pipers Club


The CDs below are the only releases to date www.armaghpipers.com.


WKPFCD001             Various – Live Recordings from the William Kennedy Piping

Festival (2003)

WKPFCD002             Various – 40th Anniversary Album (2007; 2 CDs)

Arran Records

 Subsidiary of Wren Records.


ARRCD 3412             Various – The Very Best of Irish Céilí (2004; 3 CDs)



Artes Records


German label, based in Esslingen.


ARCD 3036                Cara – In Colour (2004)


Arts Council of Northern Ireland

No catalogue numbers; all releases were collections of field recordings.


Harvest Home: Songs and Crack from West Tyrone (book and cassette)


Here is a Health: Songs, Music and Stories of an Ulster Community (1986; booklet and cassette)


Harvest Home 2: It’s of My Rambles (1993; book and two cassettes)





Former US major – absorbed by ...?


7567 82734 2              Máire Breatnach – The Voyage of Bran (1995; issued in the

label’s Celtic Heartbeat series)





AUGH 01                    Michael McGoldrick – Morning Rory (1996)



AUK Records


Australian label.


AUK 001                     Boys of the Lough – Far From Home – Recorded Live (1986)




Avoca operated out of New York in the 1950s and 1960s. This discography was compiled by Frank Dalton to whom I am greatly indebted for agreeing to its inclusion here. Frank commented that “many items are of minimal traditional music interest”, but, amidst all the Willie Brady LPs, there are some real gems. Frank maintains the Avoca discography page at www.oldmusicproject.com/daltonpage.html.


Missing items are listed in red font. Non-Irish releases are in light-grey font. All items were released on vinyl.



33-AV 101                  Jackie Roche & His Irish Dance Band – An Irish Dance


33-AV 102                  Jackie Roche & Timmy Cronin – Irish Violin & Accordion

33-AV 103                  Jackie Roche & His Orchestra – Irish Memories

33-AV 104                  Jackie Roche & His Irish Dance Band – Irish Dance Time

33-AV 105                  Thomas O'Brien & Anne Greehy – Irish Songs You Love

33-AV 106                  Jackie Roche – Irish Violin

33-AV 107                  Anne Greehy – Ireland My Homeland: Irish Ballads

33-AV 108                  Father Sydney MacEwan – Songs of Ireland & Scotland

33-AV 109                  Ed Flaherty – Ireland's Beloved Ballads


33-AV 110                  Danny Kiernan – I Belong To Glasgow:  Memories Of Harry

Lauder & Will Fyffe

33-AV 111                  Timmy Cronin – Irish Accordion

33-AV 112                  John McCormack – A John McCormack Concert Featuring

His Spoken Introductions

33-AV 113                  The McCusker Brothers Céilí Band – A Dance Visit to


33-AV 114                  The Artane Boys Band Of Dublin – Ireland on Parade

33-AV 115                  Willie Brady – Songs From Erin's Green Shore

33-AV 116                  Anne Patricia Lee – Ireland's 32 & Other Favorites

33-AV 117                  Jackie Roche & His Orchestra – Irish Ballroom Dancing

33-AV 118                  Willie Brady – The Homes Of Donegal & Other Irish


33-AV 119                  The Éamonn Ceannt Céilí Band –  Introducing...



33-AV 120                  Fitzgerald's Bundoran Céilí Band with Kathleen Fitzgerald,


33-AV 121                  Seán Ryan & P.J. Maloney – Traditional Music of Ireland,


33-AV 122                  Michael O'Duffy – Ireland, Mother Ireland

33-AV 123                  Willie Brady – Irish Songs of Freedom

33-AV 124                  Various – Irish All Star Varieties: Songs & Music from


33-AV 125                  Dermot Troy – Songs of Old Erin

33-AV 126                  St. Catherine's Dominican Choir – Christmas in Ireland

33-AV 127                  Ruthie Morrisey – The Irish Soldier & Other Favourites

33-AV 128                  Kathleen Watkins – Traditional Songs of Erin (with harp


33-AV 129                  Various – Great Day for the Irish: Favorite Irish American



33-AV 130                  Ballinamere Band Of Tullamore/Eugene Leddy's Co. Cavan

Band – Céilí Bands of Ireland

33-AV 131                  Willie Brady – Irish Humorous Songs, Vol.1

33-AV 132                  Teresa Duffy, Tadgh O’Regan and the Assaroe Céilí Band –

A Visit to Ireland in Song

33-AV 133                  Various – Irish Tenors through the Years

33-AV 134                  Seán Ryan & Peter Carberry – Traditional Music of Ireland,


33-AV 135                  Willie Brady – An Irish Evening

33-AV 136                  Willie Brady – More Irish Songs of Freedom, Vol.2

33-AV 137                  Anne Greehy – Danny Boy & Other Favorites

33-AV 138                  The McCusker Brothers Céilí Band – Irish Country Dances

33-AV 139                  Seán McGuire with The Four Star Quartet – Music of



33-AV 140                  Fitzgeralds of Bundoran

33-AV 141                  Geraldine O'Grady – The Coulin & Other Classic Irish Airs

33-AV 142                  Willie Brady – St. Patrick's Day Greetings from Willie


33-AV 143                  Richard Fitzgerald's Bundoran Céilí Band – Dance Time in


33-AV 144                  The Fintan Lalor Pipe Band Of Dublin – Irish Bagpipes

33-AV 145                  Willie Brady & Rose Tynan – The Boys From Co. Mayo &

Other Irish Favorites

33-AV 146                  Jackie Roche & His Irish Dance Band – The Kerry Dances

33-AV 147                  Willie Brady – A Bit of Irish Humour

33-AV 148                  Gordon MacKenzie – Scotland the Brave

33-AV 149                  Laurie Adam – A Scottish Dance Party


33-AV 150                  Fintan Lalor Pipe Band – Bagpipe Music

33-AV 151                  Willie Brady with orchestra and chorus – If You're Irish

33-AV 152                  Willie Brady – And Still More Irish Songs of Freedom

33-AV 153                  Patricia Cahill – Ireland's Patricia Cahill Sings for You

33-AV 154                  Assaroe & McCusker Brothers Céilí Bands, Seán McGuire – The Best of Irish Dance Music

33-AV 155                  Edwin Fitzgibbon, tenor, accompanied by Jack Cheatle and his orchestra and Kitty O'Callaghan, piano Songs from the Green Isle of Erin          

33-AV 156                  John McCormack – Memories of John McCormack

33-AV 157                  Norman Medcalf – An Organ Album of Irish Melodies

33-AV 158                  Willie Brady – Shamrocks and Leprechauns

33-AV 159                  Willie Brady – Come Back Paddy Reilly



33-AV 160                  Artane Boys Band/Fintan Lalor Pipe Band Of Dublin –

Ireland on the March

33-AV 161                  Anne Greehy with The Jackie Roche Trio – My Own Dear

Galway Bay

33-AV 162                  The Irish Balladeers – The Molly Maguires

33-AV 163                  Anne Greehy & Danny Kiernan – Dear Old Donegal

33-AV 164                  Willie Brady – Willie Brady Memorial Album

33-AV 165                  The Irish Balladeers – Irish Drinking Songs

33-AV 166                  Traditional Irish Musicians' Association – Ireland in

America: Irish Dance Music

33-AV 167                  Willie Brady – Irish Humorous Songs, Vol.2

33-AV 168                  Patricia Cahill – Danny Boy and Other Irish Favorites

33-AV 169                  Anne Greehy with The Jackie Roche Trio – Mother




33-AV 170                  The Irish Balladeers – Irish Rebel Songs

33-AV 171                  Willie Brady – Irish All-Time Hits

33-AV 172

33-AV 173                  Mary McGonigle – The Voice of Ireland

33-AV 174 & 33-AV 175

33-AV 176                  Mary McGonigle – Holiday in Ireland, Irish Ballads

33-AV 177                  The Irish Balladeers – We Don’t Mind if We Do



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